Nile Plastic Industry, 15 years of experience

The Nile Company for Plastic Industries is one of the largest companies working in the field of manufacturing pipes and fittings for drinking water and sanitation in the Middle East and North Africa. It was established in 2005 with German technology and expertise.

As a result of the expansion of the company's activity in line with the technological renaissance in the field of manufacturing pipes and fittings for drinking water and sanitation in the world, we have had a pioneering and leadership in producing high-quality products with international technology.

The company is managed by a professional and trained elite of the most qualified engineers, workers and administrators in the various departments.
The factory's capabilities from international production lines and high-quality raw materials allow us to not take a distinguished place in the most important projects inside and outside Egypt.

The Nile Company applies global systems where pipes and fittings are produced in accordance with German standards ES 3703/2002 and Egyptian standards DIN 16962 - DIN 8077/78.
Nile Company is a company specialized in manufacturing high-quality UPVC pipes and installation according to the following specifications: German standard specifications DIN 8061/8062 and Egyptian specifications 1717/2008 - American Standards for ASTMD 2241 SDR for Sanitation.
Our products in the field of water mixers for bathrooms and kitchens are distinguished by its sophisticated Italian design and international quality made by Egyptian workers and engineers, our factories use the latest equipment to provide the best quality.
Falco Nile water motor 1 HP, Italian quality and design, copper feathers, thermal protection and a longer warranty period because they are designed with technical specifications that comply with international specifications.
The glue of the Nile is distinguished by being resistant to all types of bacteria and fungi, and it tolerates temperatures of up to 70 degrees. Made by experts in the field of glue.

Our Strategic Goals

Expanding the market share of the company in the Egyptian market through horizontal expansion in the customer base and achieving the highest level of penetration rate taking into account the development And the development of existing customers to achieve the highest growth rates in preparation for a strong start in exporting to the global markets.

Nile Company Vision

The Nile Plastic Industries Company seeks to obtain a prominent competitive position in the Egyptian market, which qualifies it to be at the forefront of companies operating in the field The industry of drinking water and sewage pipes and fittings in Egypt.

Our Mission

We strive to gain confidence and satisfy the desires of our current and potential customers by providing quality products at competitive prices as we strive to create a distinct relationship with Our customers through a professional team aiming to satisfy customers and provide competitive after-sales services. Our belief in the principle of partnership in work that brings us together to achieve success.

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Our Addresses

171 Sama El Adawy Tower - Sakara Road - Maryoutya - Haram st.

 الخط الارضى: 0237527065

  الهوت لاين: 01144432739

  إدارة المبيعات: 01144432693